Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where does the buck stop?

At a joint meeting of the Louisiana Legislature, Governor Kathleen Blanco joined President Bush is acknowledging that the federal, state and local response was slow and that there were mistakes made in the process. She went on to proclaim that "[T]he buck stops here, and as your governor, I take full responsibility."

So that makes two out of three leaders that are admitting they could and should have done more. Once again, I agree with Brendan Loy when he writes:

Your move, Mayor Nagin.

(Hint: you might want to take responsibility for what happened in the run-up to the storm -- i.e., the late evacuation, the unused buses -- as well as what happened in the aftermath.)

For now, Mayor Ray Nagin is offering that as many as 182,000 residents will be allowed to return to New Orleans this weekend. His hopes are to get as many people as possible back into their homes and businesses so that New Orleans can again become a functional city. He also has hopes of having the French Quarter "open for business" by September 26. So perhaps New Orleans will return to normalcy long before it was predicted by some, but at least from what I read, the French Quarter never really closed.

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