Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lake Charles Trip

Our trip to the wedding in Lake Charleas last night was fun. As I expected, we saw several convoys heading in the direction of New Orleans on I-10 as we traveled west. Going to Lake Charles, we saw a convoy of Homeland Security and Border Patrol vehicles heading east. I'm not exactly sure what Border Patrol would do, but perhaps they are just using the resources and not actually looking for illegal immigrants. At least I would hope that they are more concerned with rescuing citizens than finding illegals right now.

On the way back from Lake Charles we passed two very large convoys of school buses headed east. Each convoy had at least fifteen school buses. It was a very interesting site to see as there seemed to be an endless line of them as we first approached and they really stood out with their bright reflective paint jobs. We tried to get pictures unfortunately, there wasn't enough natural light to get a good one.

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