Friday, September 23, 2005

Update From Lafayette

My mom spoke to Garrett at 12:30 AM and said things are going well in Lafayette but we have lost a tree at my parents house and it may have caused some superficial damage to the north wall. Luckily, the tree fell perpendicular to the wall but Garrett said it sounded like some of the branches grazed the roof and wall. He checked the bedrooms on that side of the house but there are no leaks or interior damage. So far the only leak is water getting through the ridge vents in the roof. The vents are there to allow airflow into the attic and help cool the house in the summer. They are positioned so that vertical rain will not fall in, but the wind is pushing the rain horizontally hence the small amounts of water dripping in. Garrett has set up towels and buckets to catch the water as it drips through the attic door.

My dad spoke with my grandfather at about the same time and he and my grandmother are safe and sound in their house, but my aunt and uncle's roof was struck by a branch that has opened a leak. It has apparently caused the ceiling to sag with water.

I also just got off the phone with Roxi and all is well at her grandmother's house. It is very windy and some objects have been hitting the house, but nothing severe has happened. She has been watching the local news reports and feels fairly confident that it won't get much worse for Lafayette except for some flooding of low lying areas. We'll see in a few hours but most of the advisories for Lafayette are scheduled to end sometime in the early morning hours.

I need some sleep though, so I am off to bed for a few hours. I hope to have an update from Lafayette in the morning and pictures from the house as soon as it is safe for Garrett and Nicole to survey any damage.

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