Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jesse Jackson is not helping

Perennial race-baiter Jesse Jackson has proclaimed that the word "refugee" connotes "that the displaced storm victims, many of whom have been black, are second-class citizens — or not even Americans. It is racist to call American citizens refugees."

Well here is the definition I found in my trusty Oxford Dictionary:

refugee /refyooj/ n. a person taking refuge, esp. in a foreign country from war or persecution or natural disaster.

So there you have it. The Oxford Dictionary is racist.

I don't see how this is any help whatsoever to the plight of the refugees. Oops, I must be a racist too. The word refugee has not been misused and in my opinion this is nothing but an attempt by Jackson to bait black refugees into hating whites in the government and supporting his causes. He may have helped get buses to New Orleans to evacuate Xavier students, but this is just despicable. Am I wrong?

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Plushfaerie said...

He is an obnoxious, self serving idiot who needs to understand what truly failed these people. It was not racism but certainly in many cases poverty. The governments reaction to this storm was truly a wake up call to everyone who believed we were safe because we live in the USA. We need to depend on eachother and create a true government by the people!