Monday, September 05, 2005

New Comments Feature

Just a quick post about a new setting I have activated on my blog to filter out unsolicited "spam" comments of this blog. A couple of my blogging friends had posted some information about this on their blogs but I had yet to see it until tonight. I was just checking a comment on my most recent post on Hurricane Katrina and it seems sort of harmless until you get to the link for some shady "work from home" business. I only link it myself so that you'll know what I mean, not so that you will check out the website being advertised.

Anyway, I have activated a protocol that will ask you to go through one more step when commenting on any of my posts. It should be relatively painless and I hate to add the extra step, but it is the unfortunate nature of the Internet that people will exploit every avenue possible to make a quick buck. This will prevent spam comment programs from automatically posting to my blog while still allowing true readers a forum to discuss any post. Thanks for understanding and don't hesitate to comment!

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