Friday, September 02, 2005

Louis Armstrong International Airport

About a month ago, I bought a ticket on Southwest Airlines from Nashville to New Orleans for today. Roxi was planning on picking me up and after spending a night in New Orleans, we were going to drive to Lafayette and then on to Lake Charles with her family for a wedding.

On Sunday morning, my dad called me and told me that I should plan on getting a new ticket to Houston instead. I, like many of the reluctant evacuees of New Orleans, thought that there would be damage to the city, but that the city and the airport would be more than functional by Friday.

On Monday, I changed my tune and purchased a ticket to Lafayette through Houston thinking that it might be weeks before the New Orleans airport was functional again. The Louis Armstrong Airport is operational again, but the fifteen commercial airlines that will be operating today will be evacuating up to 25,000 people to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Simply amazing.

On another note, I have added a new link to the Hurricane Katrina section of the sidebar. It is for set up by to assist in locating temporary or permanent housing for the hundreds of thousands without homes to return to. Thanks to Roxi for the tip.

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