Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anonymous Words of Wisdom in these Trying Times

I came across this post on a message board and I couldn't have said it better.

Okay I haven't been able to read most of the posts here and doubt in some ways this will be read but I want to say this....

No one will change someone else's mind about politics by posting on a thread. The Bush supporters are still going to support Bush when this is over... the Bush haters will still call for his resignation when this is over.

God willing this will be soon.

From what I can gather there are a lot of people who are in here with sincere concerns or worries. There are also a lot of people in here giving accurate news updates. Coming in here yelling that someone could have prevented this is useless. More so even than 9/11 we HAVE to come together and pull our country back up. If you don't like our current administration fix it the right way. VOTE in the next election... recruit your friends/ family/ random strangers to vote... volunteer for the candidate of your choice.

THIS is not the time to be bashing our country. We all were devasted by 9/11... this tragedy is farther reaching and impacts us ALL more directly than that ever will. I did everything in my power to support OUR country and fellow Americans then, as I am sure most of you did, and will do the same now.

For the next say 30 days can we just lay off the politics and come together (maybe sing a catchy camp-fire song) to salvage what we can and rebuild what we cannot.

This is truly the saddest thing I have ever seen. But in some ways seeing how it is bringing out so much hatred is even worse. Personally, I don't care who those people stuck in there are, what color they are, how much money they have, even if they have all their teeth. I care that they are human beings.. the same as EVERYONE in here... if you can't get off your high horse long enough to see that... you deserve more pity than them. We have a long history, as a country, of helping those in need. It is one of the many things that makes us so great. This is OUR people in need.

Please stop the racism and the political bashing and the people are stupid for living there/ staying there remarks. We ALL know how you feel by now. Most of us don't care. But the quicker you get down, maybe the quicker you will do your part to save someone.

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