Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Weekend

As the blog-a-thon continues, I would like to remind everyone to donate what you can to the relief efforts. There are countless reputable charities but if you have trouble picking, I recommend the Red Cross. We are all struggling to make ends meet and higher gas prices doesn't help, but please think about the hundreds of thousands of people with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Please donate to the Red Cross or one of the many charities listed on the InstaPundit's Blogburst page and don't forget to log your contribution. Tell your friends and family and let's do our part to help the Gulf Coast. To check the current status of the fundraiser at The Truth Laid Bear.

I've also added a new "Hurricane Katrina" links section to the sidebar with this and all my favorite news and information sources.

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