Monday, September 26, 2005

The Trees Are Gone

I spoke with my dad earlier this evening and he told me that there has been "a flurry of activity around the house today." It all started in the morning when he, my mom and my brother pulled up the carpet in my old bedroom and threw away water damaged things from the attic. But it apparently really got going when the tree crew arrived at 4:00 PM and went to work. They used a crane to move the trees off the house and then several workers with chainsaws cut them apart. By the time I had talked to my dad at 7:30 this evening, he and Garrett had patched the holes in the roof with the help of my uncle and cousin. I have to say that I am impressed that things were able to move so quickly. The way my dad was talking last night, it sounded like the process might take a week or two. I plan on posting new pictures of the roof damage when Garrett has a chance to send them.

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