Monday, September 05, 2005

Hell on Earth

After I got my meal and flight vouchers in Bush Intercontinental Airport, I started my trek through the terminals looking for a restaurant to redeem one for dinner. In my terminal, everything was closed but I asked a guy at the McDonald's if there were any other restaurants open in the airport. He directed me to the next terminal but not before turning away a US Army soldier as well. The soldier looked disgruntled and annoyed so I caught up to him to tell him where I had been directed. After doing so, I asked him where he was heading. He told me he was headed home to Phoenix after leaving Hell on Earth. I next expected him to tell me that he had just left Iraq, but he was referring to the four days he spent at the Astrodome helping to tend to the evacuees. When I told my parents about this exchange, their response was, " If he thought that was Hell on Earth, can you imagine what the Superdome must have been like?"

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