Thursday, September 22, 2005

There's More To Life Than Football

Now that I have taken care of my frantic "parents evacuation" post, I can now post about a very stupid decision that Joel told me about when he called this morning. That is the decision by Texas A&M officials to move Saturday's home game against Texas State to TONIGHT!?! What's worse is that they are urging fans not to travel to the game. So why are they even having the damn thing!?! I've been looking at the A&M football message board and there are a lot of idiots posting about how they are going to go. WE DON'T NEED MORE TRAFFIC!!!! WATCH IT ON TV!!!!

"This was an exceptionally difficult decision," A&M President Robert Gates said. "I made it based primarily on the strong desire of both teams to play, the strong sentiment by our students to attend, and by the fact that the student-athletes from Texas State can return home safely on Thursday night. And our students will have plenty of time to go home should they choose to do so."

I've been a fan of Robert Gates since he became university president, but this is just dumb logic.

"We need to play," [A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione] said during Tuesday press conference. "We don't need to play a game, take a week off, play a game, take another week off. That's not a very good schedule for us in that regards. So we do hope we get to play."


College Station is a town of less than 100,000 people and traffic is bad enough on a regular gameday. It once took my friend Jody four hours to get from Houston to College Station for a Saturday game. That trip normally takes one and a half hours. There were no evacuations going on that day. This is simply ludicrous. My parents might be heading to College Station to evacuate and the idea that idiot game traffic might delay them any more than they already will be is just sickening. I love A&M and college football, but to use General Russel Honore's sentiment, I think that this time the A&M officials are "stuck on stupid."

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