Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Parents' Return To Lafayette

My dad just called to tell me that he and my mom have just arrived at the house in Lafayette. His first comment was that he is amazed that the house didn't get flattened. He said the trees look even larger in person.

The drive back was fairly easy for them considering the amount of destruction along I-10 and the large number of people returning to Houston. They took backroads from College Station to The Woodlands where they rendezvoused with Jan and Jordan, Danielle's mom and sister. The two cars then traveled down the temporarily-free Hardy Toll Road to I-10. From I-10 they traveled east continuously except for through Lake Charles. There they had to take the I-210 bypass as the I-10 bridge over the Calcasieu River is closed with possible damage.

My mom did comment on the major destruction in Beaumont along I-10. All entrance and exit ramps through Beaumont were closed. She also remarked on the large numbers of military convoys driving along I-10 with food and water.

So now my parents are safe and sound in Lafayette for at least a night. I can't imagine them turning right around and heading for Houston again tomorrow, but perhaps they will so that they can get back to work on Tuesday.

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