Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jack and Mary are on the move again

My mom and dad are just about to leave College Station bound for Lafayette. They are going to get a first hand look at the damage to the house so that they can help Garrett manage the repairs better. The alternative is to hang around College Station until their area of Houston is authorized to return on Monday according to the FEMA plan to avoid reverse gridlock. In the conversation we just had, my dad isn't too excited about making this trip for several reasons, the greatest of which is that there might be delays and unknown detours as they attempt to work their way east through towns with flood waters and downed trees. They have been looking for information about road closures along the way and right now it seems like the only real problem might be in Lake Charles were the I-10 bridge is closed because a barge struck the pilings during the hurricane. There is an interstate loop through the city of Lake Charles, but there are potential trouble spots in two places along I-210 although only one of them sounds like it could actually cause a shutdown on the road. So for now, I will be researching the road closures for them and give them any information I can about possible detours if they are needed.

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