Thursday, December 09, 2004

Student Accused of Eating Roll Call List...

My good friend Joel called me earlier tonight and asked if had read today. is a message board for all things Texas A&M sports related but mostly revolves around football. When he asked me the question, I could only assume that Coach Franchione had announced that he was leaving A&M to take over as head coach at Notre Dame. Thankfully I was wrong in my assumption but was completely unprepared for what he was about to tell me.

Today was the day that student tickets went on sale for the Cotton Bowl game between A&M and Tennessee. I have waited for student tickets on a couple of occasions, the biggest of which was in 1998 when the Aggies were playing Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Basically, the protocol is that people go to G. Rollie White Coliseum and sign-up on a Roll Call list in the order they arrive. This way you don't actually have to wait in a proper line for the, oftentimes, days that people camp out. To keep people from signing-up and leaving, an official roll call reader goes through the list at regular intervals and if you are not present when your name is called, you are removed from the list. It worked fine in '98 and Joel assures me that it has gone on for decades as there is usually a camp out for the limited number of student tickets to the University of Texas game when it is in Austin.

For the past few days, the same system has been in place for students waiting for tickets to the Cotton Bowl. However, this morning, a student decided that the list was not officially university sanctioned, so she cut to the front of the line. When pressed about not being on the list, she took the list....AND ATE IT!!!!!!


Apparently, people started yelling at her and throwing things, but she didn't back down. When tickets went on sale, she bought hers, but not before the crowd started chanting, "Eat your tickets."

While I think this is very funny, there are already too many people waiting for an Aggie to do something like this just so that they can start using it as another Aggie joke against all Aggies. I guess what bothers me more about this is that it just demonstrates that some young people are so impatient and self-centered, they will EAT A ROLL CALL LIST in an effort to get what they want right away.

The moderators of the message board are not allowing the List Eater's picture to stay online, but one poster has offered to email it to anyone who wants it. I have requested it and plan to post it here as soon as I get it.


Bubba said...

That guy is carrying a picture of the list eater. The Bryan College Station Eagle is carrying the story, along with the Battalian, the student newspaper at Texas A&M. She said she didn't swallow the list, but put it in her mouth for sure.

Jody said...

I still think that is absolutely asinine! I don't think she should have been allowed to buy the tickets, but that of course is just my opinion. If that would've happened when we were trying to get our Sugar Bowl tickets, all hell would've broken loose! I haven't talked to my sister yet, but I'm curious to get her input on it even if she doesn't go to the games.

katielady said...

Staying up all night does strange things to you. Having never had to stand in line for tickets (I was always in the flashcard section, and they are given out in advance), I only have it on good authority from Bubba that it's not the best way. But, stealing the list as a form of temper-tantrum because you didn't get there early enough is unacceptable. If she lived in the City, and had to wait on some host's seating list at a restaurant for over an hour, would she eat that, too? By the looks of her, she would! Some people are just stupid and make the rest of us wonder what the world is coming to. Like I said, it's just a big ol' temper tantrum so she could get her way. But, there's NO WAY, she should have gotten tickets!