Wednesday, November 09, 2005

List Eater Lookout

For those of you who are Aggies or who were reading my blog last December, you'll know all about the infamous List Eater. For those who aren't in the know or just don't want to follow my links, last December, while many Aggies were sleeping in their tents waiting for Cotton Bowl tickets to go on sale, the List Eater snuck to the front of the line ignoring the roll call list that students had been using for several days to maintain order and civility. When confronted, she took the list from one of the organizers and ate it. After refusing to take her proper place in line, she was verbally berated and it was suggested that she eat her Cotton Bowl tickets.

I'm not sure if anyone really knows if she had any fun in Dallas last New Years Day, but some clever Aggies are prepared as they are camping out for this years Thanksgiving game against top ranked Texas. In an effort to avoid the unfortunate events of last December, some students have unveiled the List Eater Lookout.

Of course as someone on the TexAgs message board pointed out, the List Eater is crafty and so this lookout post should be occupied 24/7. Either way, you've gotta love that college sense of humor!

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