Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Shorter Night Than Expected, But Still Hard

The A&M game against Texas Tech wasn't the complete domination that I thought it would be, however it was still a long second half. I was ready for a loss and at least 70 points against us, but what really disappointed me was the fact that the score at halftime was only 10-14 with A&M getting the ball to start the second half. But as usual, A&M didn't make halftime adjustments while Tech did, not to mention the fact that we fumbled right out of the gate. So although the first half wasn't bad, the second half was just par for the course. I mean, the Aggies seemed to be enjoying themselves in the first half but it just got too out of hand in the second half.

So where does this leave us? 5-4 continuing our road trip to Norman to play a rested Oklahoma next week. Then we get a week off to prepare for the juggernaut of Texas. A win in either of those games will get us to bowl eligibility but the cost of such will not result in any changes in the coaching staff. I hate to say it but after three years, an overall losing record in the Fran era (16-17) and no sign of improvement in the next two games, it is already time for a major shakeup in the staff. Fran has to prove otherwise for me to let these last two weeks go.

UPDATE: Here are some sites of interest, under the current circumstances, that I found while reading through some thoughts on

Fire Torbush
: An effort to rid the Aggies of the man who rid the Aggies of the vaunted Wrecking Crew Defense.

Fran Under Fire!: Not a Fire Fran site (yet) but t-shirts are coming on Monday.

Fire Fran Petition: A Fire Fran site.

I don't know what the answer is but if you want to read about what "the experts" think, check out the A&M Football Forum on

UPDATE: One last thing I have to say for the night. I live in Tennessee and am constantly under the other UT's media curtain and I can say that as much heat that Fran and his staff is feeling right now, Phillip Fulmer and his are feeling it even more so. Fulmer has been at Tennessee for so long, he is feeling RC Slocum type heat right now and I can only wish him luck in navigating the minefield. It sucks for any coach especially when you are having a down year or your effectiveness has passed. I would say that the problem with Aggie coaching really bothers me right now but in a different way than it bothered me in the latter years of RC. But the fact that Fulmer's Tennessee completely dominated us last year and has somehow fallen further than we have over the course of this season is satisfying. It does not make our year any more palatable, but at least it puts our troubles into perspective.

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