Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Road Home

I'm set to embark on my nine hour road trip to Lafayette, LA this afternoon. I haven't made the drive down there since April and I haven't used this particular route since last December. I've got a magazine full of CDs and my car cell phone charger which will connect me to the rest of the world if ever the monotony becomes too much to handle. I've got my dinner packed so that my stops will be minimal. I'm ready to rock as soon as I finish up some recording and editing this afternoon.

I'm really looking forward to a great visit and Thanksgiving dinner with Roxi's family. We won't be having Turducken, but if anyone is still interested in the Turducken Blog, check out the most recent entry which details a class taught by a professional, some important tips, and yet another type of bird combination: the Quaducant, a quail stuffed into a duck stuffed into a pheasant. Personally that sounds a little too froo-froo for Cajun country, although all three birds are certainly popular in the Sportsman's Paradise.

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Bubba said...

Why don't you blog while you drive home?