Monday, November 14, 2005

Kazakhstan doesn't think Borat is very funny

The Kazakhstan Foreign Minister has threatened legal action against Sacha Baron Cohen over his Borat character. For those unfamiliar with Borat, he is a character on Da Ali G Show who travels the United States doing interviews in an effort to understand American culture. During his interviews, he usually talks about differences between America and Kazakhstan. If, as the article implies, Kazakhstan is basing their claim only on what Borat did during the MTV Europe Music Awards, they haven't seen some of the things he has said and done on Da Ali G Show. They are far worse than what I have read about the MTV Europe Awards. I hope this doesn't have any bearing on the Borat movie that is currently in production.

UPDATE: I was looking for this article earlier when I originally wrote this post. This story is more than a year old and pretty much covers the same territory.

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