Saturday, November 05, 2005

Don't ever see "Chapter 27"

Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan will begin filming Chapter 27 early next year. It is a film about John Lennon's killer and why he committed the murder. Leto will play Lennon's killer and Lohan will play a Beatles fan who befriends Lennon's killer.

So if you are wondering why I haven't referred to Lennon's killer by name yet, it's because any Beatles/John Lennon fan knows why John was murdered. His killer did it so that he could steal Lennon's fame. So all true Beatles/Lennon fans refuse to ever utter the killer's name so that he will not be able to further his infamous celebrity.

Apparently writer/director Jarrett Schaeffer isn't a fan of John Lennon or he'd know this. Neither is Jared Leto otherwise he wouldn't take the part. In fact if I ever see Leto in a Beatles or John Lennon t-shirt I will know that it is for fashion because no true fan would ever be associated with anything that could possibly bring any notoriety to Lennon's killer.

The same goes for Lindsay Lohan but I expect this kind of thing from her because she is a naive child. She probably has no sense of who Lennon was because she was born after his murder plus she'll pretty much do whatever her handlers tell her. If that includes ever wearing a Beatles or John Lennon t-shirt, shame on them all.

I know what you are thinking...Leto, Lohan and Schaeffer are doing a psychological study of the mind that murdered a music icon. BULLSHIT! They are making a movie for money and in doing so are propping up the celebrity of Lennon's killer. This movie should not be made and should definitely not be seen by any true fan of the Beatles or John Lennon.

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Stacy said...

Wes, no worries man.
First of all, a film starring Linsey Lohan and Jared Leto... nobody is going to see it anyway.
Secondly, you only become famous if you kill a president, even then, I don't even know who killed presidents.
This film will be a tiny blip on the radar, here today gone tomorrow, soon forgotten.