Friday, November 04, 2005

Comment dit-on "insurgents?"

Much has been made over how the media has referred to perpetrators of terrorist acts in Iraq since the beginning war. As everyone knows, it is a toss-up between "insurgents" and "terrorists." It is a hard task to determine if bombings are being carried out by true native Iraqis, Iraqis sponsored by other Middle Eastern interests or foreign terrorists. Really it's probably a combination of all three although there are almost certainly a large number foreign terrorists working in Iraq for many of the same reasons the US is there: to fight a war there rather then in their home countries.

But this is an old argument, so why is it important now? Because of what is happening in the Paris suburbs. I have been seeing the stories every morning for a week now thinking that these riots will be quelled by the next day. However, it seems that it has gotten worse very quickly. In fact they don't really seem like riots any more if they are as organized as some reports have claimed. So are we witnessing an insurgency inside France? Don't count on it getting branded as such although it seems to fit the definition that is being applied in Iraq.

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