Wednesday, November 23, 2005

12 Hours Later

I arrived in Lafayette about twelve hours ago and have already gotten to visit with a couple of friends. The drive was long (9.5 hours) but it certainly wasn't as bad as my first trip from Nashville to Lafayette. Driving in the evening actually makes it seem like time is going by faster since you don't have the sun constantly mocking you as it gives you a frame of reference for how long you have been on the road. I had lots of great music to listen to plus calls from a few friends and family who read my post yesterday and knew I'd be bored for a while. Roxi and I are now off to lunch and shopping for essential Thanksgiving meal items.

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Bubba said...

I was going to call, really, but then I don't know where the time went. So, tell Roxi hi for us and eat your meat creations. We're having a mouse stuffed in a rat stuffed in a cat stuffed in a bigger cat stuffed in a tiger stuffed in an elephant stuffed in a blue whale stuffed in a turkey