Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rice Festival

Last night Roxi and I made the rainy drive out to Crowley, LA for the annual Rice Festival. I used to go to Rice Fest every year during high school with my good friend and Hek-Atomic Cherry, Charles. He is from Crowley and his parents live a few short blocks from the festival site. This year was no different. Roxi and I joined Charles, Claire and Jeffrey in enjoying the food of the festival. It rained all day Saturday which sort of put a damper on the activities during the day, but it let up enough Saturday night for us to make the walk down Parkerson Street and be very gluttonous among the famous fried and fatty foods of south Louisiana. We started with boudin balls and fresh craklin' and then made our way to several barbeque burger stands. We then moved on to proper boudin links and Roxi and I finished stuffing ourselves with some fried alligator on a stick while Charles and Jeffrey searched out the best deal on funnel cake. It was indeed a gluttonous evening, but we can all allow ourselves such a night every once in a while. Unfortunately there are no pictures as I didn't want to risk my camera getting wet in the sporadic rain, but I'd still classify this Rice Festival as a smashing success!

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