Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Hazards of Popular Television

Josh Holloway (James Ford aka Sawyer) and the other castmember of LOST are afraid of their characters being killed off without much notice. It's really pretty funny that lead actors of dramatic television shows are now fair game. In recent years, shows like the Sopranos have gotten a lot of publicity for a lead character dying unexpectedly over the course of a season. This isn't entirely new, but it is now more acceptable from the audience perspective. There was a time that killing off a popular character would result in outrage from the audience and in some cases that is still true, but fans of popular TV shows are now coming to expect and anticipate "surprise" deaths. I have a feeling that Holloway's fears will come to fruition for at least one lead character on LOST this season.


Bubba's Sis said...

Ha! I saw that same article and thought about e-mailing it to you! I agree - at least one person will perish this season of Lost. I hope it's NOT Sawyer, tho! Last season's offing of Ana-Lucia and Libby really did shock me. I like to be shocked by TV shows. I do not like to be shocked by Real Life.

roxanne said...

Maybe they'll kill Jack!