Sunday, October 08, 2006

Germanfest 2006

Yesterday, Roxi and I took a drive out to Roberts Cove, LA to attend the 2006 Germanfest. The Germanfest has been happening since 1995 but this was my first time I've been in town during the first weekend of October so we joined my parents, grandparents and aunt, uncle and cousin in partaking in the festivities.

My mom's grandparents came to the United States during the late 1880's to escape religious persecution and military conscription in Langbroich, Germany. The settled in Roberts Cove, LA along with several other families from the same region of Germany and became rice farmers in the small traditionally Catholic town. The Germanfest celebrates their cultural heritage in the area and serves as a reunion of the descendants of the original families. The whole experience was a very interesting lesson in my ancestors history. Plus Roxi and I had a great time eating traditional German food and beer as well as enjoying some wonderful Polka music.


katielady said...

Cool! Looks like fun, I didn't know your mom was German, Wes! I hope you had a beer for me and Baby Drew.

Bubba said...

If you ever make it up here, we can perhaps have dinner at the German Beergarden we like to go to in the East Village.

roxanne said...

You mean "when we finally" make it up there, bubba!

It was so cool how much work had gone into preserving their family history. My family's french and irish, the cajun side at least, my grandparents and aunts know the history by heart, but there's no record of it for my generation. I wish we had more historians in my family!!!