Saturday, October 28, 2006

College Football Week 9

After the overtime win against Oklahoma State last week, I'm ready for a game that is an easy win, and there was a time when a game against Baylor was just that. However, for the past few years, Coach Guy Morris has lead the Bears to challenge many of the middle tier teams in the Big XII. This culminated with Baylor's upset of the Aggies in Waco two years ago. It was the first time the Bears beat the Aggies in about twenty years and let me tell you it sucked. It came a week after the Aggies had just edged out Colorado in overtime at Kyle Field. So this year's game is very reminiscent of our last trip to Waco. Again, the game is not televised so Aggies will have to settle for listening to it or reading online stats. This is the easiest game we have left on our schedule but it's definitely no "gimmie." They all get progressively harder down the stretch. Gig 'Em Ags and BTHO Baylor!

UPDATE: Ags win! By the time I tuned in to check the online stats, the game was almost half over and the Aggies were only up by a touchdown. Shortly after halftime, the Bears tied the score. The Aggies then made two trips inside the Baylor 5 yard line but only came out with a three point lead. However, the Aggies finally made the game clinching touchdown with a little over two minutes left. After that, all the Bears could do was try to score twice, but their hopes ended on an interception by the Aggies with under a minute left to play. When time expired, the Aggies were victorious by a score of 31-21. Unfortunately Baylor is no longer an easy win, but at least this outing resulted in another win for the Aggies.

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Anonymous said...

It at least doubled our win margin, prior to yesterday we had won the last 3 games by a total of 10 points, with this one, we now won the last 4 games by a total of 20 points.