Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Every Man For Himself"

I am so very conflicted about LOST this season. I have liked some parts of it, while I've grown very tired of other parts of it. Tonight's episode conflicted me as well.


My big conflict comes in the form of my fondness for this show, but am having trouble seeing where this season is going so far. The producers have said this would be the season of the Others and that our opinion of them would change. Well my opinion is changing alright...I hate them more and more every episode. I am getting really tired of how they keep talking about how they're good yet they are beating the crap out of Sawyer all the time. Don't get me wrong...con men are bad but this is just getting ridiculous.

I was glad that this episode picked up where we left off last week with Desmond. Now that he is fully dressed, he went on to continue demonstrating his ability to see the future. When he took the golf club and put it high up on the bamboo pole, I thought for a second that he was making an antenna, but then realized that it was probably a lightning rod. Score one for me!

The Others are not winning my affection by "implanting" a killer pacemaker in Sawyer. Forget that it all turned out to be a con on Sawyer, Ben Linus is really starting to piss me off. I guess that makes Michael Emerson a good actor, but I really want to see something bad happen to Ben at the hands of Sawyer. Did anyone else notice what Ben and Tom were talking about when Sawyer first woke up? Tom said something about the communication link being down since the Sawn Station implosion that caused the sky to change colors. Interesting...

So Colleen ended up dying from being shot by Sun. Juliet couldn't do anything to save her so she got Jack to help but of course it was too late. I know we still have no idea about the Others' motives, but until they are revealed I have absolutely no sympathy for them. And did Ben say something about a "sub?" Is that how the Others got onto the sailboat undetected? Jack also saw some spinal X-ray films and I thought for sure they were going to be Locke's but it looks like they are probably Ben's. Will Jack have to save Ben to get off the island?

I guess there were two big reveals in this episode: Sawyer has a daughter and there are two islands! Sawyer conned another con to get money to take care of his daughter so he has a good heart after all. And the big finish was that Ben showed Sawyer that he, Kate and Jack are being kept on a different island from the one they crashed on. This Other island is apparently twice the size of Alcatraz. Now it makes sense that Rousseau has never stumbled across the Other's village.

This episode was just okay in my opinion. There have been far better, but there have also been much worse. And now we are down to only two more episodes before the ten week break. Some people have been saying that fans are expecting too much from the show, but I think that is BS. This show was really, really good during the first season and it has slumped since then. The fans are not to blame for the disappointment thus far. The blame rests on the shoulders of the producers for hyping the show all summer and then dropping the ball on delivery. I really want something purposeful to happen in the next two weeks. I don't want a gimmick though, I want something important to happen that actually progresses the story, otherwise we might be watching the beginning of the end of LOST.


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Bubba's Sis said...

I couldn't agree more. Every episode we get a tidbit of info, and a thousand more questions!! I am often left at the end of the show sitting on my couch saying, "Huh?"

Stop beating the crap out of Sawyer already! Geez! And the other island thing threw me off. If the Others weren't even on the island that the Losties crashed on, why bother them at all? They wouldn't even be a threat because they'd never know the Others were there. How are they getting back and forth between the islands (unless there is, indeed a submarine, which I didn't pick up on - thanx Wes!)? I'm just confused. They need to move things along or when they pick back up after their hiatus, they're not going to have as many viewers...