Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The nominees are in!

Not for the Academy Awards. That's nothing but a bunch of self congratulatory pats on the back for movies that no one would have seen unless the movie critic whores didn't hail them as "genius," "breath-taking" and "brilliant." No, I'm talking about the nominees for the 2005 Golden Raspberry Awards, better known as the Razzies. These nominations are for the worst films of 2005 and leading the pack with eight nominations is...you guessed it: Son of the Mask. Somehow I knew this one would be a real stinker.

This list of nominees is really a who's who of overrated talentless hacks who sometimes (and somehow) masquerade as actual movie stars (I'm talking about you Tom Cruise!). The Foundation has even introduced a new category this year called "Most Tiresome Tabloid Target." Groovy!

I only wish the presentation of the Razzies was televised instead of the Oscars because it would only be about fifteen minutes long and we wouldn't have to hear about how brave an actor was for playing a retarded character or how good an actress was because she gained a bunch of weight for a movie. Plus no one would show up to accept these things (except Halle Berry who had a sense of humor about her 2004 nomination and win!) so there would be no boring, "do as I say, not as I do" rants and/or holier-than-thou political soapbox speeches. But alas, the Razzies ceremony will not be televised March 4th. That's about as sad as the state of Hollywood right now.

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