Sunday, January 08, 2006

Being An Aggie... sure wasn't easy watching Texas win the National Championship on Wednesday night. It was especially hard knowing that Vince Young pretty much won the game all by himself and he had stated many times that he planned to return for his senior year next season. Just when I thought I would have to automatically write off next year completely, Vince announced this afternoon that we will be forgoing his senior year and will be entering the NFL draft.

I think enough time has passed for me to say congratulations to the Longhorns and that they really deserved to win. I didn't think that they would be able to compete with USC, but Vince Young is a true difference maker. It is for that reason that I am glad that he will be heading to the NFL. I was really dreading the start of a Texas National Championship repeat. Of course it could still happen and this doesn't in any way open the door for the Aggies to storm to the top of the Big 12, but it sure makes me more excited about next season.

I hope that Coach Fran et al. will do some serious work in the offseason and get the A&M program headed in the right direction. This is the perfect opportunity to make a move in the conference. Let's work on beating Texas and Oklahoma this year and bringing the Aggies back! Gig 'Em!

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katielady said...

Thanks, Wes! I take that as a personal compliment. I don't get anything like that from Joel you know....