Sunday, November 05, 2006

This afternoon, Roxi and I went to Abbeville, LA a short drive from our house to attend the climax of the Giant Omelette Celebration. I remember my mom taking me and my brothers as a young child, but I didn't realize that it is an annual event. We just happened to see a flyer for it on Friday and thought, "We must be there."

Roxi's parents joined us for the trip to the square in historic downtown Abbeville. We walked around through the arts and crafts tents before making our way to the courthouse where the giant omelette preparation was about to begin. We got there just in time for the ceremonial cracking of the 5000 eggs. As you can imagine, it takes a while to crack and beat 5000 eggs, so we took the opportunity to enjoy some Abita beer and some of the Cajun foods on hand.

The only thing that takes longer than cracking 5000 eggs is cooking 5000 eggs. We didn't really want to stick around for the long wait, but before leaving we made sure to get pictures of the army of chefs cooking the omelette. It was a great day to be outside at another of the many festivals in and around southern Louisiana.


Bubba said...

I want the hat.

katielady said...

'CRACKIN' me up! Get it?