Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Worst Part of Thanksgiving

The thing that I really love and hate about Thanksgiving is that it kicks off the Christmas season. I hate how it seems that the Christmas decorations and advertisements come out before Thanksgiving. This year it seems like most stores skipped directly from Halloween to Christmas. But I still love the month of December and how the lead up to Christmas feels. But I wouldn't miss the Day After Thanksgiving sales extravaganzas if they suddenly went away.

On our way to Roxi's parent's house, we passed Best Buy and saw two people sitting outside as if they were waiting for the store to open. On our way home seven hours later an actual line had formed along the front of the building and around the corner. I asked Roxi to turn around and pull into the parking lot so I could get a picture. I asked one of the people in line what they were waiting for. I thought it had to be a new shipment of Playstation 3s. But no. These damn fools are camping out, as I type, to be the first to shop at Best Buy on the day after Thanksgiving.

I'm all for capitalism and I think that people can do whatever they want, but I also reserve the right to call them idiots for it. The Christmas season has officially begun!

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Bubba's Sis said...

We saw this last night, too - at Circuit City. Ridiculous. What could people need so badly that they camp outside the store overnight??