Friday, November 24, 2006

College Football Week 13

Today marks the start of the last weekend of the regular season of college football. There are only a few games today, but for us Aggies, there is only one game: Texas A&M vs. Texas. I must say that his year has been a surprise to me in two ways. The first is that we started off so strongly and were able to bounce back and win our next four conference games after losing the conference opener to Texas Tech. The second surprise is that we lost our last two games by a total of two points. Despite our 8-3 record, a lot of Aggies are pissed at Coach Fran. The record is deceptively good considering our margins of victory for a majority of our wins. But all will be forgiven by the Aggie faithful if Fran and the Aggies can pull off an upset win against the Longhorns in Austin. We've played Texas tough for the past two years but failed to carry the momentum through the fourth quarter. But today will be the day! The Aggies are going to surprise the Longhorns and the rest of the state of Texas. I'll be watching while we trim the Christmas tree in less than two hours. Gig 'Em Aggies and BEAT THE HELL OUTTA tu!!!!!

UPDATE: Ags win by a score of 12-7! This is the Aggies' first win over Texas since 1999, the first win in Austin since 1994 and Coach Dennis Franchione's first win against Texas. The last time the Aggies beat Texas, I was a student about month away from graduation, so this win has some extra weight to it for me. Sadly, the end of the game was marred with some bad behavior by Kellen Heard. After the Aggies intercepted a pass by Colt McCoy to essentially clinch the game, Heard tackled McCoy well after the play was over. Heard was flagged and ejected from the game. The Longhorns had one more opportunity to win but with 0:20 left in the game, Martellus Bennett tackled McCoy in a play and he had to be taken off the field on a cart. I don't blame Bennett for McCoy getting hurt in the game, that's part of it. But Heard was pretty classless and a lot of people in Texas will be talking about that personal foul even though it didn't have any effect on the outcome of the game.

That being said, I am still very, very happy that the Aggies were able to upset Texas in Austin, a tough feat to say the least (only the ninth win for A&M in Austin in eighty games!). With this win, Texas' Big XII title hopes rest on Oklahoma State beating OU tomorrow. So A&M improves to 9-3 with a shot at getting ten wins if we can win our bowl game. I have had my doubts about Coach Fran since the Army game and this doesn't necessarily put him in the clear but he does have a one year stay of execution, so to speak. He needs to win the bowl game and a get a lot of offseason improvement out of the team so that next year we can win those games we lost this year. I am hopeful about the bowl game and next season, but we should enjoy this win for the next several days and then get ready to face a tough foe in December.

Gig 'Em Ags!!!!!!!


Bubba's Sis said...

Gig 'em, Aggies!!!!!!!!!

Bubba's Mom said...

As I said in my blog, there are a lot of thankful Aggies tonight and this may have been Coach Fran's best blessing.

Gig Em Aggies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kellen Heard is a punk and a thug.

TexasFan said...

You are living in a dream world if you don't think Heard's hit effected the end of the game. Colt was already hurt and could barely even throw the ball down field in the last series. Heard was trying to take him out of the game and did essentially do it.

If Fran has any class Heard will be kicked off the team.

aTm beat Texas only because Colt wasn't 100% to start off with. Heard's hit took Colt out of the final series. Colt could could have won the game in the final 30 seconds if Heard hadn't added cheap shotted him.

aggys can wake up every morning knowning that they'll never know for sure whether they really won that game since Heard took it into his own hands. oUT!!!

Hook Em Horns!

Wes Raine said...

Hook 'em all you want TexasFan. The fact of the matter is that Texas' only scoring drive came off of an A&M turnover. McCoy had already thrown three interceptions before the hit by Heard. Texas had their opportunities to score and failed.

I agree that Heard should be punished and suspension from the team during the bowl game seems about right. He got reprimanded on the sidelines by his own teammates and they won't let him forget his actions during the offseason.

Believe me, I have made excuses for plenty of our loses to Texas and other teams, but you play with what you've got. Starting injured players are coaches decisions if that makes you feel any better. We've had guys very banged up play well enough to win in this game that is so physically demanding.

The game I watched on Friday was very conclusive. A&M won without question but I understand your frustration. I've felt the same way on many a day-after-Thanksgiving.

It was a great game and I'm looking forward to seeing what each team does with this over the next year. Thanks for reading and Gig 'Em!

Bubba said...

I think the interception preceeding the Heard hit pretty much sealed the win for A&M.

I like to read responses like texasfan, then when the Aggie lose, I will remember how pathetic one sounds when you whine and try to rise above it all. I think the classy longhorn friends I have who congratulated me on the win are more of the norm. Hell, note, texasfan, not texasgrad.

One more thought on A&M's "dirty" play. One team was called for a chop block, a very dirty play that can end a player's career, and it wasn't an Aggie player.

TexasFan said...

The replay showed there wasn't actually a chop block and that it was a bad call. The player was hit in the rib cage.

I'm not making excuses for anyone or anything. We'll never know the outcome of the game because of Heard's actions. Maybe you win, maybe you don't. Colt has scored in less time before. He might have done it again.

Except for Heard's action, I would have also been congratulating aggy fans. Problem is with the many many aggy fans who think that it wasn't a big deal and didn't affect the game.

P.S. Class of '93'. I guess you got caught making assumptions again. Just like assuming that aTm would have won without Heard's cheap shot on Colt.

Problem is, will never know!

Hook Em Horns!

Bubba said...

What's your excuse for losing to Ohio State and K-State?

I know who won the game, the Aggies did, 12-7. But keep talking, it makes you look more and more ridiculous.

Bubba's Mom said...

Hey texasfan, if Colt was in such bad shape, why did the coach send him back out there anyway?? Or is a win more important to teasips than the health of their players??? And, talk about whining!! That kid is just a freshman - he's gonna take a lot of hits. Maybe that was a "cheap shot" (as if t.u. had never made one, right?). Believe me that young man will receive discipline, not only from his coach, but from his team mates. Suck it up teasip! Show a little class when you've been outplayed.