Saturday, November 04, 2006

College Football Week 10

It's a big day in College Station, TX for the Texas A&M Aggies and the students and fans of the team. ESPN College Gameday is on campus today for their weekly show and the Aggie crowd looks great! Tonight, A&M faces Oklahoma, who admittedly is a little down this year, but they are still very dangerous. They are a great team and they are in the position to play spoiler to A&M's hopes of winning the last three games and going to the Big XII Championship game in December. Right now the Aggies have an unbelievable 8-1 record (4-1 in conference) and actually control their own destiny in the Big XII South, but these things really have to be taken one game at a time. I've had trouble with some of the decisions of the coaching staff at times this season, but the players really do seem to have a lot of guts to stay in all their close games and manage to pull off wins in all but one of them. This week will be hard if we can't keep up with OU, but having home field will be a big help and the crowd will definitely be a factor like it was in all of the recent OU games at Kyle Field. I am looking forward to this one and I really hope that the team is as fired up as they should be. It's a good day to be an Aggie and a win would make it a great day! Gig 'Em and BTHO OU!!!!

UPDATE: Ags lose by one point. Risky coaching and the stupidest of mistakes (12 men on the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) when they had more than enough time to get their play figured out. STUPID! How could a coach let that happen? UNFORGIVABLE! Fran is dead to me.

UPDATE: After having a night to sleep on it, I may have been a bit hasty in my post-game sentiments. The players fought hard all game and the Aggie defense did a lot to keep the team in the game by not allowing Oklahoma to score touchdowns after two in the first quarter. The offense worked hard to get the team back in the game but they could not capitalize by scoring points off of two Oklahoma fumbles. The offense managed to pull within one point of the Sooners off of two field goals, but was unable to get the ball back to attempt the game winning field goal. Of course that brings us to the horrible mistake of having twelve men on the field on the crucial fourth-down stand. But Bob Stoops is certifiable and only he would have the balls to go for it on fourth from his own 29-yard line. But the gamble paid off and Oklahoma won the game.

The Aggies played a good one and the score was much closer than it probably could have been considering how close games against worse teams have been this year. We just came up short last night and that's the breaks. It was really only a matter of time. I would like to think that the Aggie team can use this as motivation going into next week's game against Nebraska, but they are starting to click and will be coming into Kyle Field as the leaders in the Big XII North. We are still playing for a good bowl game so two more wins would not only put us into a better position but it would be the first ten-win season since 1998. Plus ten wins would mean we would beat Texas and I think that would make any Aggie forget about the loss to Texas Tech and Oklahoma.


Bubba's Sis said...

Fran really blew it tonight. What a dummy.

Bubba said...

Fran needs to punch it in the end zone, not settle for field goals. Fran must go. Why at 3rd down on the 2, give it to J-Train twice. That's your best weapon at the goal line. We didn't give it to him, then kicked. Stupid.

katielady said...

Fran is terrible.

I fully admit to not being much of a Mack Brown fan for my own team, especially in the first years, but I don't recall him ever being THIS bad.