Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"I Do"

This is it. The last episode of LOST for THREE MONTHS! It probably was the best beginning to end episode of the season, but still a far cry from the show that I fell in love with. So without further ado, here are my thoughts.


This episode was about Kate, but it really wasn't. Like most of the other episodes this season, the flashback was incidentally connected to the story on the island, but it seemed to be much less relevant or parallel to the island storyline. In any event, we finally got to see who Kate was married to and who almost got her pregnant: Captain Mal Reynolds. Okay in LOST his name is Kevin and apparently, Kate told him that her name is Monica. So what else did we learn about Kate? Nothing we didn't already know. She can't stay put and she likes to taunt US Marshal Edward Mars. BFD. I don't like Kate anymore. She has too much baggage, she's a liar and you know she's just going to leave Sawyer just as soon as they get settled down in their hovel on the beach.

While Kate's stock is falling, Jack's is rising in my opinion. I really didn't like him much last season and that carried over in a big way this season, but starting last week, I started to like him again. I think the real reason is that he has the upper hand on Ben now. But pretty much anyone who can screw with Ben's head is okay in my book.

Ben is a real a-hole. The same goes for Juliet, Pickett and all of the Others. They are all terrible liars who are hypocrites and ego maniacs. If you think I'm being too hard on them, it's not my fault. The producers have given me ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to like them. At least they didn't bother saying the played out "we're not killers" line this week the numerous times they said they would kill Sawyer. They are full of BS.

So Sawyer and Kate finally did it. Is anyone surprised?

Locke decided that Mr. Eko would be buried where he died and not at the beach so as not to upset the other Losties. How very Jack of you Locke. Keep hiding stuff from your friends. At Eko's funeral, Locke said he thinks that there was a reason for his death, he just figure out what it is. Hey I have an idea...ask the damn island! It seems to work every time Locke has a question! Hasn't he figured that out yet? Man they are dragging this show out.

So Jack is conned into performing surgery on Ben to remove the giant tumor. Ben sets it up so that he can see that Kate and Sawyer "got caught in a net." Right before going under anesthesia, Ben asks if Alex asked about him. She did but of course Juliet lies because that's what the Others do. I wonder what the bond is between Alex and Ben. Is she Alex's real father? Too bad we won't find out until Season 5. So Jack starts the surgery and Pickett takes the opportunity to kill Sawyer. Thankfully for Sawyer, Jack cuts Ben's kidney sack which will kill him in an hour if it is not fixed. Jack gets all Sidney Carton on the situation and volunteers to stay behind and save Ben if Pickett lets Kate escape with her Charles Darnay who we know as Sawyer (This episode should have been called "A Tale of Two Cities"). We are left with Ben sedated on the operating table (I called it!), Sawyer with a gun to his head and Jack telling Kate to run and let him know that she is okay within the hour.

So that's it for more than three months. I guess I'll be itching for a new episode eventually, but I don't think it will be until after Christmas. I'm sad that this season is not moving along quickly enough but it's because there are so many loose ends from the first two seasons not to mention these first six episodes of the third season. Who are Adam and Eve? What is the Smoke Monster? Who are the Others and why are they such a-holes? What is the Dharma Initiative? What's with the giant foot statue? What happened to Michael and Walt? Where are Yemi and Christian Shepard's bodies? Why was Ana Lucia such a bitch? What's going on with Penny Widmore and the Portuguese guys at the listening station in Antarctica? Was Libby really crazy or was she part of Dharma or both or neither? Why did the Others wear fake beards during the first two seasons? Where are the kids from the tail section of the plane? What happened to Cindy from the tail section? Who is Karl and why was he in the cage? Why hasn't Danielle found Alex yet? Who is Jacob and who was on his list? Who's the guy with the eyepatch and what station is he in? What do the Numbers mean? What's up with Desmond? WTF is going on????


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