Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina: One Year Later

I vividly remember one year ago today. I started my day irritated with the sensationalistic coverage of the impending landfall of Katrina; watching as idiot reporters stood outside in high winds to demonstrate their journalistic courage. Later in the day, it appeared that New Orleans was spared while the Mississippi coast took the worst of it. That all changed when the levees failed and the rest is history.

A year later, things are getting better but there are still years of work that needs to be done. We all know what has happened with New Orleans over the past year but for the most part, the Mississippi coast continues to recover with very little attention from major media. I still think that if nothing had ever happened to New Orleans, the Mississippi coast would have really been ignored. It's just sad that after all of this, attention is still on only one of the two disaster areas.


Bubba's Sis said...

What a great post, Wes! While I do feel for New Orleans, it's not all about them!!! Thousands of people were affected by Katrina and they didn't all live in The Big Easy. Let's remember them today, too.

Anonymous said...

being a native of Mississippi, I can tell you this about Mississippians - we don't wait on the government to save us....we do it ourselves. A little something we learned from Reconstruction.

Mississippians are helping each other - blacks helping whites, whites helping blacks - the whole "friend in need" thing. Of couse, that's not something the media is interested in focusing on - they only care when there is racial strife, keeping the tension going, ya know? Heaven forbid some positive light be shed on MS.

Let's face it, New Orleans wasn't HIT by Katrina, it was flooded when the levees broke. The MS Gulf Coast was HIT - destroyed.

Go to www.mississippiheritage.com for a better visual understanding of what irreplaceable state treasures were lost. So sad.... but MS will come back, better than ever.

Bubba said...

We should also not forget those in East Texas that were hit by Rita. They are getting no help from the federal government and ironically the state government is overwhelmed with the Lousiana refugees.

Bubba's Sis said...

Bubba, you silly - it's not time to remember Rita yet! Today is Katrina's day! Rita's anniversary is not until September 23, so no media coverage until then.

katielady said...

Ha! Bubba's Sis, you are fooling yourself if you think they'll be Rita coverage. I doubt it.

Wes, great post. Bubba and I laugh when we see/hear journalists reporting on Katrina and Ernesto. They are just DIEING for a hurricane so they can broadcast the terrible destruction! It's KILLING them that it's Sept. and we're only to 'E!'