Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Police Reunited... least they are in a documentary compiled from footage filmed by drummer Stewart Copeland during their travels around the world. In all the hours of film, there are very few of the legendary fights between Copeland and Sting. Of course, as Copeland remarks, "Maybe I forgot to pick my camera up when I was in the middle of a screaming match. It would have been really cool if I did actually, and it would have been in the movie if I had." So there won't be much insight into why the biggest band in the world at that time couldn't stay together, but it will be great to see their experiences from their perspectives.

As far as a legitimate reunion goes, Sting seems to be the only holdout but then again, he might be right not to do the quick sentimentality tour for the money. Things have to be right otherwise it could end up like a Van Halen reunion rather than a Pixies reunion. Here's to hoping that I could afford tickets if they ever do decide to get back together.

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