Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Float Trip 2006

This is the second of a few belated blogs but I'm working hard to catch up and eventually keep up with my writing. Two weekends ago, Roxi and I made the trek to southern Missouri (or SoMo as I have called it) to partake in the annual Float Trip. Long term readers of this blog will probably remember me mentioning the Float Trip at least once. I wrote about it last year so I'll skip the background information in this post but you can go back and read about it in last year's post. I can't get over the fact that this was my fifth Float Trip!

This year was different in a couple of ways. First, Roxi and I drove up to Missouri from Louisiana. This year's drive was quite a bit longer than the drive from Nashville, but still doable in one day. However, Roxi and I decided to split the trip up on the way to Missouri. We drove as far as Little Rock, AR on Thursday afternoon and stayed in the beautiful and historic Rosemont Bed & Breakfast.

We arrived in Little Rock late in the evening so we didn't get to see too much on Thursday night, and when the sun came up on Friday, we found that there was surprisingly little to be seen. It seemed that there were only three things to see in the city: an overpriced Picasso exhibit, the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Little Rock Central High School, the first integrated public school.

From Little Rock, we headed to Van Buren, MO and Big Springs Park where we hold the annual camp and float. The attendance at this year's float was a little smaller than usual, but those that were present fully embraced the pirate theme and had a great time. How could we not considering the beauty of the surroundings?


Roxanne said...


that was fun! we had a bunch of pirate stickers that we "stucked" all over everything, so now I've got lighters and sunscreen and all kinds of things to remind me of our fun trip! and Jeremy and Angie gave me some pineapple shaped cups to remind me of all the fun I had drinking rum punch down the river.

love ya wes
peace out pirates

Anonymous said...

So, when are we going to see the calendar pictures? Do you think you made the cover shot with your sexy river pose?