Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Levee Breach Photo

Many people in the US had never heard of a levee before Sunday but since Hurricane Katrina made landfall most people know how vital they have been for many decades to keep New Orleans from flooding. As most people know by now, a major levee breach occurred this morning causing the flooding to get worse throughout the day. Here is an amazing picture of the inconceivable amount of water moving over this levee. More pictures and information can be found on StormTrack.

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Anonymous said...

Though it pales in comparison and devastation, I remember the effects the Flood of 1993 had on the St. Louis area. Roughly 90% of all levees (over 1000) failed in the St. Louis area due to flood waters in excess of 20 ft. over what was considered flood stage. There were parts of St. Louis that were under water for well over 100 days. I can attest to the level of destruction all this water can cause. To this day, there are still areas of St. Louis that are uninhabited as a result of the flood. I just hope we have seen the worst of it and reconstruction can begin.