Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cell phones at the gym

Have you ever been at the gym working out on or passed the cardio area and seen someone on a treadmill or elliptical talking on a cell phone? I am a member of a gym and when I go it never fails that someone is talking on a phone. Not just answering a quick call but is actually carrying on a full conversation for the duration of their workout. How annoying must it be for the person on the other end of that call to listen to the huffing and puffing between every word. But really though, I doubt that there is much huffing and puffing happening. If you are talking on a cell phone while you are running or biking, you aren't exercising hard enough. Seriously. Put down your phone for thirty minutes and join the rest of us in enjoying the workout. And please don't shout if you do have to answer the phone...I don't care about your conversation as much as you think I do.


katielady said...

We have this exact problem in the gym in our building. Joel has also experienced someone reading the entire paper, while talking on the cell phone and hogging one of the 2 treadmills! It is absolutely ridiculous! Makes everyone around you very annoyed.

Bubba said...

You see it in Central Park too, rollerbladers, bikes, joggers, walkers, talking on the phone. Why bring your phone?

I think that today people are scared to be alone for any time. Which is ashamed because their mind will never wander and they will never spend anytime actually thinking.

I like to jog because when I jog I'm alone, and I think about lots of different things.