Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Birthday Visitors

My parents visited Nashville for the first time this weekend to help me celebrate my twenty-eighth birthday on Saturday. I had a wonderful time showing them the sites as well as giving them detailed tours of studios where I work. I also got to see some parts of Nashville that I had never seen before such as the Natchez Trace and the Stones River Battlefield.

It was great getting to see my parents and show them around the city that I have called home for a year now. Even more so, it really helped me realize what I have accomplished since I have moved here. Just over a year ago, I was an unemployed Quality Engineer working as a bartender in Austin, TX. I made the move to Nashville to study recording engineering and hoping to get a good internship. Not only have a achieved those goals, but I am already working at two distinctly different recording studios and getting paid for my time. I am working in the music business after only a year! Not only that, but in the middle of everything, I started dating the most amazing woman!

Year twenty-seven was a little scary and uncertain at times, but it sure looks like year twenty-eight is going to be a good one!

My Parents: Jack and Mary Raine Posted by Picasa


Bubba said...

That bridge is on the cover of my prestressed concrete book.

Jack Raine said...

Wes I just wanted to reiterate how much Mom and I enjoyed our visit to Nashville! You were an excellent tour guide for our first visit to the greater Nashville area. We covered a lot of terretory, as evidenced by the milage we managed to put on your car during our four day visit. And you are right about the level of your accomplishments as you transition from one application of your engineering training to another. I guess it goes without saying that you have made us very proud! Keep up the great work!