Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New Job Redux

For the past four months I have been dividing my time between working at Universal Digital in a pseudo-part-time capacity and doing an internship at Azalea Studios. Well, as of yesterday, I am no longer an intern at Azalea but rather a paid employee! It is very exciting and just proves that if you work hard and stick with something, you will be rewarded. As it is, the job with Universal Digital started out as an internship as well. So I'm now two-for-two! Hopefully this means that I have completed the toughest part of my transition into the music business: the unpaid internship. My next big challenge will be starting my own studio business. That is still one to two years away, but I feel that my hard work over the course of the last year has given me many of the skills to make that a reality as well!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Wes!! Looks like the Plutones may soon become a reality!

katielady said...

That's great, congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

That kick's ass! Congrats.