Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Have the bozos in Hollywood learned a lesson?

Here is an interesting article from the New York Times containing what I thought I would never hear: Hollywood studio executives saying that maybe people aren't going to the movies anymore because the movies that have been coming out just aren't very good.

Of course they do try to blame everything else as well from high gas prices and the presence of cell phones in theaters to the home theater and video games, but I am cautiously optimistic that Hollywood might think twice about green-lighting another Deuce Bigelow movie or something like that.

I like the fact that they realize that a change in the business model is due. They mention keeping some time between the theatrical release of a movie and the subsequent DVD release, but I think that the reality is that there will probably be a time when quality movies are released straight to DVD to capitalize on the growing trend of people just wanting to watch a new movie in the comfort of their homes.

But until a change is made, we still have to put up with truly awful movies made with money that would be better spent on cancer research.

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Stacy said...

I read about that truely aweful movie you linked to: Snakes on a Plane! At first I thought total crapola, but then I saw that Samuel L. Jackson would be in it. They could do one of those scenes like in the shark movie where he is giving everyone a pep talk about how they are going to survive and then BOOM, he gets eaten. Only this time I guess they would have to drop 50 snakes on his head, in any event, GOLD BABY!