Thursday, April 06, 2006

Studio Renovation

Azalea Studios, one of the studios that I engineer at here in Nashville, completed a sound treatment renovation of the live room in December. Fett, the owner of the studio and my boss, also serves as Technology Editor for Performing Songwriter Magazine. He was writing an article about the process of installing the new acoustic tiles for the magazine and it has been published in the March/April issue of the magazine. In addition, to the two page article found in the magazine, a special expanded version of the article appears on the website. The magazine portion of the article can be found here and the web-exclusive description of the installation process can be found here. There are plenty of pictures of Fett and I in action as we began the installation process as well as a few pictures of the day that Roxi came to lend a hand with some of the more tedious work (pictures 19 and 20). All in all it was a great learning experience for both Fett and myself. I plan to use these same techniques when I build my studio.

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katielady said...

Wes, it all looks fantastic! I'm so impressed!