Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jon Stewart is a professional wrestler

The DaVinci Academy in Ogden, Utah found out that there is more than one Jon Stewart when they attempted to book the host of the Daily Show for their annual gala. For several months, school official had actually been communicating with Jon A. Stewart: motivational speaker, businessman and professional wrestler. Lucky for the gala, planners found out about their mistake and were able to book performing groups from Weber State University and the Terrance Playhouse. I guess that's better than a motivational speaker/wrestler, but I would kind of like to see how that works. I wonder if he motivates through fear. But such is the case with common names. I only hope this kind of thing never happens to my good friend Tim Smith. Imagine the scene when a computer scientist shows up to an event that was hoping to see Sheryl Crow's bass player or, worse yet, an angry rugby crowd!

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