Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ultimate Driving Challenge

I had to attend a defensive driving course this afternoon in order to expunge a speeding ticket from my record. Thankfully it wasn't anything like the eight-hour class I had to take in Austin a few years ago, although that one was taught by a comedian. Today's class was scheduled for a mere two hours but actually only lasted for about ninety minutes. The class basically consisted of a video called "Ultimate Driving Challenge." It was quite an amusing defensive driving video because it reminded me of the videos on The Simpson's hosted by Troy McClure. This particular video was hosted by Craig T. Nelson and co-hosted by Paula Zahn. It also included segments featuring Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Danny Sullivan, Deidre Hall and Barbara Mandrell. It was quite ridiculous and it was hard to keep from laughing as TV's Coach was talking about driving safety and all these other B-list celebrities were throwing in their two cents.

On the downside, defensive driving really brings out the Peanut Gallery. There were several people in the class who were complaining about not wanting to be there before it started, but when the teacher came in, they were talking incessantly and making the class last longer. It was quite annoying. It was really kind of sad because as the class was ending, I realized that this two hour period was really the most exciting and socially rewarding two hours of their week. Not to sound like a curmudgeon, but I just wish they hadn't wasted my time.

No matter now though. I "learned my lesson" and I won't speed again for a while.

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