Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Are People Really This Stupid?

From the San Francisco Chronicle comes an article that really makes me wonder if some people even have a clue anymore.

A popular ride at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo remains closed today as park officials and state regulators try to determine why it left a 7-old-girl feeling nauseated and numb.

Investigators with Cal OSHA spent Monday testing and inspecting the park's Hammerhead Shark ride, which swings like a pendulum before sending riders on a 360-degree whirl, after shutting it down first thing Sunday morning.

Park spokesman Paul Garcia said park officials received a call from authorities at San Francisco General Hospital who said they were treating a girl who said she had a headache, nausea and numbness. The girl told doctors she'd spent Saturday at Six Flags, Garcia said, and the attraction she described riding matched the Hammerhead Shark

Next, authorities plan on suspending all driving in the Bay Area while they investigate why passengers who read while riding in cars makes them feel "a little icky."

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