Sunday, February 03, 2008

More on Find Oceanic Flight 815

During Thursday night's premier of LOST, there was much advertising to get viewers to stick around for the premier of Eli Stone following LOST. One of the methods of enticement was a special Oceanic Airlines commercial that would be playing during the show. I did not stick around for Eli Stone, but thanks to the Internet, here is the Oceanic Airlines commercial:


In other LOST news...the writer's strike might be coming to an end!!! In last week's LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack, John Lachonis (aka Doc Artz) said that his sources are saying that the if the strike is resolved in February, the networks may extend the spring TV season through June. If the right amount of resources are put back into LOST, there is a possibility that as many as six of the eight remaining episodes of Season 4 could be produced. Today Doc Artz's blog added more details based on the recent developments in negotiations. It looks more likely that somewhere between three and six episodes could be completed, but there will be a hiatus in the season to pull it off. This is not perfect based on the plan that the producers agreed upon over the summer, but I would welcome a hiatus if it made more episodes of Season 4 possible.


Roxanne said...

As much as I want LOST to have a complete season, I more want for everyone to realize how shafted the writers get, so I feel a bit torn about the writer's strike ending. I kind of wish things would get really bad as far as entertainment goes. It is ridiculous that it has even gotten this far, if you ask me. The writers' requests are so reasonable, I can't believe the producers have let the strike even go on this long. I wish the writer's guild would up the ante at this point. It makes me so mad that actors are paid so much when the actual brains behind it have to get side jobs to support themselves!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those poor writers. I am sure they are all on government assistance now that they are out of work right? Or are most of them taking extended vacations and living off their fat paychecks. I think they need to realize how lucky they are to have jobs that pay so well on shows that are being kept on air. Television is fickle, and if the ratings are not there they are out of a job. Why risk losing viewers interest by striking.