Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Strike Is Over!

The Writers Guild of America voted yesterday to end their strike allowing TV and movie production to resume. There aren't many shows that I have missed but I am glad to hear that there should be between six and ten new episodes of The Office before the season ends. More importantly, there is excellent news pertaining to LOST. Producer Carlton Cuse has said that they will attempt to finish five more episodes before the end of the season. That is three short of the promised sixteen for the season, however, Cuse said that the story arc of Season Four will be concluded as planned despite the production of fewer episodes. Additionally, the three episodes that will not be produced this season will be added on to the sixteen planned episodes of Season Five. I can honestly say that I am happy with this resolution for LOST. I trust the producers' vision and am glad that they will be able to carry it out and that we, the viewers, will get to go along for the ride.

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