Thursday, February 21, 2008


We got another good episode of LOST this week but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the title means. Before I get on with my spoiler-filled thoughts on the episode, I do have some general LOST related news.

First is news of the schedule for the rest of the season. Word is that the new episodes will be delivered after a brief hiatus following the eighth episode of the season. This gives us four more episodes before the short break.

The other news is that CBS has not put the show "Cane" on the schedule for next season. What does this have to do with LOST you ask? Nestor Carbonell should now be free to reprise his role of the mysterious and forever young Richard Alpert. Heck, he may even be squeezed into one of the new episodes that is being written to finish out Season 4!

Now, on with the episode discussion....


So Kate is definitely one of the Oceanic 6. The fact that she is seen going to trial and getting a deal nullifies the theories that she was not one of the six but rather living under an assumed name. It was interesting to see Jack on the stand as a character witness and perjure himself by telling the story of how Kate rescued six of the eight (!) survivors of the plane crash and get them to safety on an island in the South Pacific. Kate was not comfortable with Jack lying on the stand. So why is that their official story?

Is it just me or has Locke turned into Ben? He tells Kate that they are not in a democracy and later that she is banished from the Other's village. Plus he put a hand grenade in Miles' mouth. I don't think it's a live one but still it pretty messed up!

Miles and Ben had an interesting, albeit brief, conversation. The shyster came out when Miles offered to lie to the people on the boat and tell them that Ben is dead in exchange for $3.2 million.

I wasn't too surprised that Kate has a son, but I was little surprised to find out that it is Aaron and not a biological child that we figured Sawyer sired. So what will happen to Claire? Does this mean that she is doomed? And does this mean that Aaron counts as one of the Oceanic 6? And how did Kate convince everyone that Aaron was her biological child?

Meanwhile on the beach, everyone is getting a little suspicious of Dan and Charlotte and the fact they haven't heard from Sayid and Desmond in over twenty-four hours. It came as no surprise to me that when Charlotte finally got through to Regina, we learned that the helicopter has not yet returned to the freighter. Did Frank fly the helicopter on a different bearing than they came in on? What happens if you take a different bearing?

What the hell does the title of this episode mean? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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