Thursday, January 31, 2008

"The Beginning of the End"

Season 4 of LOST has officially begun. Hooray!

Although I didn't love this episode, I did like it a whole lot and thought that parts of this new phase of the story were very intriguing. I also don't really mind the new time slot. I mean tomorrow is Friday after all and that is great with me. LOST will be a nice appetizer for the upcoming weekend (at least for the next seven weeks). So without further ado...


Let's start with what I liked about this episode:

1) Flash Forward - I really liked the new twist that was introduced in last season's finale and I am glad they came out of the box this season with another flash forward. It seems to have reinvigorated what was getting a little predictable. I mean do we really need an episode to explain what Jack's tattoos mean? On top of that we are given more tidbits about who made it off the island. According to Hurley, there were only six so I expect to learn the identities of the three others in the coming weeks. I love the intriguing wrinkle that this device adds to the show. It is so interesting to see what will become of the these characters in the future and to learn what drove them to it.

2) Hurley - He really is the heart and soul of the show and nothing exemplified it more tonight than his reaction to Charlie's death. The way he broke the news to Claire was just heartbreaking. In a way it's good to know that Hurley won't be dying on the island, because to kill him would be to kill LOST.

3) The Lie - Jack eluded to it in his conversation with Kate in the closing minutes of last year's finale and Hurley discussed it with Jack during his visit to the mental institution in tonight's episode. Hurley has already come to the realization that he can't hide it anymore and we are lead to believe that this is shortly after the Oceanic Six returned to civilization. So what happened to Jack in the interim that caused him to realize that he should return to the island? And why doesn't Kate feel the same way?

3a) Matthew Abbadon - The first new character of Season 4 and someone who seems to know about The Lie. We only see him for a few moments, but his time on screen made me very uneasy. I can only wonder at what he knows and whether he is benevolent or malevolent.

4) Charlie - It was a pleasant surprise to see Charlie again even if it was only Hurley's conscience. I was one of the many who tired of Charlie's character during Season 2 but was saddened by his heroic death in Season 3. Unfortunately we might not see him again for a long time (if ever) but it was a nice moment when he appeared to Hurley.

5) Jacob? - Hurley stumbled on to what appeared to be Jacob's cabin and when he peered through the window, the figure he saw in the rocking chair looked like the same Christian Shepard that we just saw in "So It Begins" complete with the dress suit and white sneakers. So is Christian really Jacob? It's not who Locke saw when he first glimpsed the "man behind the curtain," but certainly Jacob could take many forms. But why would Hurley see Christian Shepard, a man he presumably has never seen before? And who else was in the cabin? Who's eye scared the crap out of Hurley?

6) Ben - For a guy who keeps getting his ass kicked, his sarcasm hasn't yet been beaten into submission. He had some great lines tonight and I just love his attitude towards Jack. The tension is so think, you could not only cut it with a knife, you could spread it on a nice baguette with a little brie cheese and just go to town.

So why didn't I love this episode? There are only a couple of things:

1) Pacing - I know that it was only the first episode but in a season of eight (or even sixteen for that matter) it seemed to be a little sluggish considering we all know what's been going on and don't need a lot of recapping or exposition to catch us up. The producers and actors have been saying that this season is very fast paced, and I'm sure it will be compared to previous seasons, but why not just hit the ground running?

2) Marketing - Why does ABC continue to insult fans with disingenuous marketing? For weeks this has been billed as a two-hour premier when it actuality it was a one-hour clip show followed by a one-hour premier. Call a spade a spade or give the writers what they want. Just quit toying with out emotions, get out of the way and let the producers finish the season!

All in all, a really good episode that I like more and more as I reflect upon it. I am eager to see what will happen now that "rescue" has arrived and what the "rescuers'" motivation truly is.

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Bubba's Sis said...

I, too, am SO glad Lost is back! I felt the same way as you on this first episode, and have the same big questions. Who are the other three Oceanic 6? What's the big lie? What are the rescuers really there for? Looking forward to next week!!!!