Monday, January 28, 2008

LOST: Missing Pieces 13: "So It Begins"

As many LOST fans know, the missing pieces have been released on Verizon phones and then a week later on the ABC website. I am not into spoilers but I do not believe in engaging in reading or watching spoilers, but I also feel that once something has been officially released, even if in a limited form, I can view it and not feel like anything has been spoiled. This is the case for the final missing piece. It was released today on Verizon and for me to feel completely ready for the Season 4 premier on Thursday night, I want myself, not to mention any readers of this blog, to be completely informed going into the premier. I would not wait until next Monday to post the final missing piece, so courtesy of Dark UFO, here is the final missing piece...and it is mindblowingly awesome!!!!!


I have thought since midway through Season 2 that Christian Shepard was very important to the show. My friend Luke and I have discussed this topic on several occasions and one of the most notable points is that Christian appears in more flashbacks that any other non-island character. He has had connections and cross-overs with at least four main characters. So is he alive? The producers have stated over and over that once you die in LOST, you are dead. You can come back in flashbacks, but you are dead in the present day. Not to mention that Christian Shepard looked pretty dead in the morgue in Sydney.

So how do you explain this missing piece? It is a generally accepted theory that the smoke monster can take the shape of things from people's pasts i.e. Kate's horse, Sayid's cat, Mr. Eko's brother, Ben's mother...and Jack's father. So is this the smoke monster in the form of Jack's dad? Perhaps, but that doesn't explain the fact that when Jack found his father's coffin it was empty. Perhaps Christian's body was taken by the monster for data collection or maybe Christian was actually reanimated. I certainly can't pretend to know what this all means. All I know for sure is that I haven't felt this way since those final moments of the Season 3 finale. Say what you will about filler episodes and slowly developing storylines, but the creators of LOST have a way of keeping me interested in the overall grand scheme.

UPDATE: The clip I posted has been removed from YouTube, but it is now available on Click here for "So It Begins."


Luke said...

That clip is unbelievable. I can't even wrap my mind around it. Certainly a great Lost moment.

Question: Had Christian (or whatever incarnation of him this is) gone through that luggage that Vincent walks by? He appeared to be wearing bright white sneakers rather than black dress shoes, which one would expect with a black suit. I'd have to watch White Rabbit again to see what he was wearing when he appeared to Jack in that episode, but I don't recall it being white shoes.

So many questions. This season cannot start quickly enough. Lost is the only reason the writers' strike is bugging me. I hope they get what they are holding out for, but man oh man I want a full season of Lost.

Scott said...

it's more likely (but certainly sillier) that his death was entirely staged. why? i couldn't begin to tell you, that's why they never call me to write episodes.

if "you're dead, you're dead" holds true, and Christian is indeed NOT dead, than he must never have died. he could have arranged for all that mess. the clip indicates that Christian knew about the island and has some hand in its' workings, so he may have conspired to have Jack, and Claire on that plane, knowing it would crash on that island.

Wes Raine said...

It could make sense for Christian to actually be alive. One of the seemingly far fetched theories of old is that Christian and a few other powerful people were behind the plane crash to deliver the "survivors" to the island for a grand experiment.

As far as the "once you're dead, you're dead" explanation from the writers, they have lied to us before (i.e. Nikki and Paulo are important...we promise...)

Personally, since the middle of Season 2, I thought Christian was alive and that he might be the real leader of the Others. He might not be Jacob (although from one of the Season 4 promos, there is a flash of Christian sitting in a rocking chair that looks very familiar...), but at the end of Season 2, I was sure Christian would be the one stepping off that boat at the Pala Ferry dock, not Ben Linus.

In addition, Jack's father being alive would also make some of Jack's statements in the flash forward make sense. He referred to his father as if he were alive.

I don't expect any answers on this new question to be revealed in this season even if they do finish all sixteen planned episodes. But regardless, I am very excited about the future of LOST!

Mike said...

It's all so obvious. They're in another dimension now, one where they all died on the plane at the bottom of the sea and Jack's dad is still alive.